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While the technology found inside of our TVs sure has come a long way, it’s more difficult to say the same about its design. Those sleek curves and bulbous designs of the 50’s and 60’s have long given way to slim bezels and metal accents. For better or worse, most of the displays found at your local Best Buy or Walmart all sport similar visuals.

PDF Haus, a design studio overseas, has put together a new concept TV that we had to share with you. Based around the iconic Teleavia P111 from the 1960’s, this sleek display has its feet firmly planted in both modern day tech and vintage design.

Like Samsung’s own Serif TVs, this concept is designed to be a center-piece of your living room decor. It’s made to standalone on a user-supplied table top and cannot be mounted to a wall, much like its original 1966 inspiration. Despite have the modern day technology to avoid curved edges, which were mandated by bulbous display panels way back when, PDF Haus retains the vintage styling for authenticity.

What personally makes this concept standout to me is the focus on portability, which is noted by a sleek leather handle that’s integrated into the set. Given that it’s just a pre-production model, there isn’t much in the way of details on size and weight. But a 32-inch panel would be easy enough to move from location to location in your home, if needed.

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